Leave your computer right where it is! We can repair most issues without the need for an onsite visit or bringing your PC in to our repair center. Watch your screen as our expert technicians diagnose and repair your PC remotely. Remote sessions are initiated by you, the user. Once you have granted our technicians access to your screen only the requested tasks will be performed. Remote support offers a huge savings over onsite service and support sessions begin immediately.

Spectrum Tech is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. Our technicians are trained continuously so they remain the best in the business and up-to-date on all the challenges this ever changing industry can present. 90% of all issues can be repaired remotely. In the case your issue cannot be repaired remotely we can fix your PC at our repair center. Our onsite service is available to business customers only.

Click here to download and install our remote support application. This will place a Support icon on your desktop. Just click the icon anytime you need support, you will be directly connected to a technician.

Is it safe?

When a support session is initiated, you log in to our secure remote support center. The connection is established using a 128-bit encrypted online connection between your PC and our technician’s PC. This results in a unique one-to-one session that no one else can view or access during the session. This encrypted connection ensures your security and privacy. The remote support session is initiated by you and you can end the session by simply closing the support window on your screen. During the repair session you will see how the technician is using your mouse pointer to locate and fix problems. You can override mouse control and regain control at any time during the session by simply moving your mouse.