VOIP & Broadband

VOIP Telephony is a very powerful technology tool in todays business environment. It also saves money. A feature rich VOIP phone system offers many advantageous features to increase productivity and streamline communications internally, while on the go and between branch offices.

Spectrum Tech's VOIP systems will allow for your office telephone to follow you while traveling or otherwise out of the office. Voicemail to Email is a great feature to allow you to quickly keep up with clients or vendors that were unable to reach you.

Our systems include a visual interface for receptionists and operators to drag and drop phone calls, see who is on the phone and manage the communication system more efficiently.

Spectrum Tech can also sell and install Internet and Point to Point data connections at your place of business. We offer DSL, Fiber based internet connections along with Point to Point data connections between branch offices. Our rates are very affordable and our service in case of outage is unmatched.

Internet connectivity is crucial to all businesses. Without it, your business can suffer a loss in sales, productivity and money. Spectrum Tech can setup FailOver Internet in your business. Our service uses the 4G/LTE data technology which will continue to function even if there is a major cable cut, damaged poles due to automobile accidents or storms. FailOver is affordable as well. Contact us to learn more.